Sun’s Eye Essential Oils – Detailed Review and Recommended Products

Sun’s Eye Essential Oils

The market is filled with different types of essential oils from different brands. Since essential oils continue to be popular, you will find certain brands in the market that sell counterfeit products.

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One of the giants of essential oils includes Sun’s Eye, one of the oldest perfumeries in the market. Have you heard about Sun’s Eye before? Well, we have and we would like to share what we know about the brand, and share some of their top products.

In this article, you will find a detailed Sun’s Eye essential oils review. We will talk about their essential oils in general and provide a verdict based on our research. Here we go.

About Sun’s Eye

Sun’s Eye is one of the top perfumeries in the market. It is a company that focuses on using scent to create an intentional atmosphere. The blends that they create are made using traditions that make use of energy signatures of stones, flowers, and herbs.

Therefore, whenever you use a certain product from Sun’s Eye, you will be invoking that formula’s energies.

Sun’s Eye Essential Oils Review

Since its creation in 1992, Sun’s Eye has used knowledge about different plants passion, and desire to produce amazing products and scents. The company has managed to create vegan, DEHP, and DBP–free, paraben-free, and petroleum-free products.

The products they sell are highly concentrated fragrance oils and essential oils blended. These essential and fragrance oils are synthesized from completely natural ingredients. Even though the ingredients are natural, it does not necessarily mean that they are safe for use on the body. That is why they create blends with unsafe products trying to make them safe for use by everyone.

Recommended Products

Now let us take a look at some of Sun’s Eye essential oils reviews to help you make a more informed decision.

1. Sun’s Eye Lemongrass Oil

Sun’s Eye Lemongrass Oil

This 0.125 lbs. bottle is among the most popular products from Sun’s Eye. It is made from completely natural products to give you an amazing aroma. Originally, lemongrass was associated with clearing and balancing. Therefore, this is one essential oil you should consider if you want to focus on something important and get rid of all the negativity in your mind.

You can purchase larger bottles like the 8 and the 16 fl. Oz. products.

Remember that you should dilute the essential oil well before you can use it.

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2. Sun’s Eye Patchouly Dark Oil

Sun’s Eye Patchouly Dark Oil

Are you having problems with fertility, money, or love? Well, this might be the solution you are looking for. Sun’s Eye has made use of completely natural ingredients to synthesize this aromatherapy essential oil just for you.

This is an amazing oil with a woody and earthy fragrance you can’t get enough of. It is also available in larger bottles if you need them.


There are many products in the market, which means that finding the right brand can be quite a hustle. Luckily, we have found one of the legit brands out there. Sun’s Eye continues to gain popularity due to the high-quality products they produce. Give it a try today!

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