Best Sandalwood Incense – Top Sticks, Cones, and Coils

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Sandalwood is among the best-smelling aromas on the planet. It is not as strong as other scents out there, but it is worth recognition. Have you had a chance to smell sandalwood before? If you have, you know how amazing the smoothness and warmth of its aroma are.

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The problem, however, is that there are different brands in the market selling sandalwood incense, whether as cones, coils, or sticks. It is possible to make a purchase, only to be disappointed by the poor quality. That is why you have to be careful of the product you purchase.

This post contains reviews of the best quality sandalwood incense. We have made sure to include the best sandalwood incense sticks, cones, and coils for your consideration. Here we go!

Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Sandalwood Incense

We will start by looking at the best sticks in the market.

1. Hem 120 Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Our first pick is the pack of 120 best sandalwood incense sticks from Hem. There are several reasons why we highly recommend this pack. The incense is a traditional form of incense. It is made using a bamboo core, which means that you will require an incense holder.

The fragrance is not too strong, like with other forms of incense. However, you will notice that it will produce more smoke compared to other forms of sandalwood incense. The good news, however, is that the smoke is not unpleasant.

A single stick from the pack will burn for around 40 minutes without going off.

Another thing you will love about this incense is that it has an amazing package. Finally, whenever you buy incense, you get to enjoy it for a long time because it lingers in your house for a long time.

2. SHOYEIDO Sandalwood Incense

Purchase this set of the best sandalwood incense to get 35 sticks of amazing aroma. We loved that each stick will burn for around 50 minutes. It remains lit and does not require you to relight it unless you have put it out yourself.

You will notice, however, that the description specifies that it is not a pure sandalwood incense pack. It features additional spices and Benzoin, which acts as a binder for the sandalwood. It also happens to enhance the aroma slightly.

All in all, you will love the resulting fragrance produced by this incense. The incense is not dipped in fragrance during manufacturing to boost the scent.

For some people, incense is amazing but the smoke just messes everything up. If you want one that does not produce much smoke, consider purchasing this amazing product. It is also worth noting that no wooden or bamboo core is included. So you get more incense when you purchase this beautiful pack of sandalwood incense.

3. Nippon Kodo Morning Star 200 Sandalwood Sticks

This was among our favorites for several reasons, one of the most important being its quality. It is the best quality sandalwood incense from Nippon Kodo. You enjoy a natural sandalwood fragrance to eradicate any odors from your house or room and replace it with an amazing sandalwood aroma.

Additionally, it is durable, burning at a slow and nice rate. If you want to burn an entire stick, it will burn for longer than most in the market. You should expect to get 30 minutes of nonstop burning, which is more than enough to get the aroma spread all over the house.

We respected that the manufacturers paid attention to the product’s details. As a result, whenever you smell the fragrance, you will notice a certain beauty and culture in it. You can tell this even from the amazing package, the color of the sticks, as well as the entire wrapping.

These sticks produce a delicate fragrance, which is something you will love.

4. Nippon Kodo Kayuragi Incense Sticks

Another selection from one of the top brands – Nippon Kodo. The pack contains around 40 sticks, as well as a free incense holder.

To ensure that you get a pure and fresh scent, the incense sticks do not have a bamboo core as most would. It is a comfortable and calm fragrance, which is the meaning of its name. Once you light your incense sticks, you will get a small amount of smoke that will waft smoothly around your space.

The result is a relaxed relief. This is not a result of the aroma only. The smooth wafting of the smoke is also part of the cause.

Use this amazing scent for anything including relaxation, massages, meditation, yoga, reading, and any other use that would need some incense.

5. Minorien Japanese Sandalwood Incense

Minorien is one of the popular brands responsible for producing high-quality, natural incense sticks. Among their top products in this pack of 65 sandalwood incense sticks. They are made to produce a traditional, pure, subtle sandalwood aroma.

Each stick from the pack features a length of 5.3 inches, which will burn to completion in around 30 minutes.

The incense is made with makko powder and natural sandalwood. You will appreciate that this amazing incense has received amazing recognition from other customers who have tried it out. It has been recognized to have a pure fragrance of natural sandalwood, which is basically what we are looking for.

Finally, the incense sticks do not have any bamboo core, which is one of the reasons why its aroma comes out completely pure and natural.

Sandalwood Incense Cones

Sandalwood Incense Cones

In this section, we will look at the best sandalwood incense cones. We have picked a total of three products from different brands. Let’s get to it.

1. Nippon Kodo Kayuragi 12 Sandalwood Incense Cones

Enjoy sandalwood in the form of incense cones for managing stress, massages, or simple relaxation. The package features a total of 12 cones. They are great quality incense cones made with natural sandalwood.

They are cones that do not present a problem when you light them. Furthermore, they do not go out by themselves like most of the alternatives. The only disadvantage we noted is that they are too costly when you consider their size.

This product features an amazing package, as well as a small incense holder specifically perfect for these cones.

After lighting an incense cone, you should expect it to burn for around 9 minutes. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by this amazing pack of cones.

2. Trumiri Sandalwood Backflow Cones

This is a set of waterfall backflow cones. They are great because they are a set of waterfall cones that create an aromatic fountain of smoke. It is important, however, to note that they will require a special burner designed for them. Unfortunately, the burner is not part of the package. On a positive note, however, you will get a mat that protects surfaces from any damage from ash or oil produced by the cone.

All packs have 2 pouches in them. These pouches contain 20 cones each, which means every pack has around 40 cones.

The cones are made with natural ingredients. The ingredients ensure that you get a natural pure smell of sandalwood fragrance.

3. Goloka Chandan Incense Cones

The Goloka Chandan is made in India with traditional methods. It is also hand-made to ensure that every incense stick you are getting is a legitimate high-quality incense cone. You will purchase a packet that features 12 smaller packs. In each smaller pack, you will get around 10 cones, which means you will enjoy a total of around 120 incense cones.

If what you are looking for is a pack of cones that give you a unique experience, then you will enjoy this amazing set of cones. They are made using natural ingredients to ensure that you get healthy cones.

The manufacturers have adequate experience to ensure that what you purchase is a different sort of product producing a soothing fragrance.

The smoke produced by the product does not overwhelm you as you would expect from other cones. Instead, what they produce is an amazing, fresh, and delicious fragrance.

One downside you should expect is that they burn quickly, quicker than most incense sticks do.

Sandalwood Incense Coils

Sandalwood Incense Coils

Finally, we will talk about two of the best sandalwood incense coils on the market.

1. SHOYEIDO’s Avenue of the Villa Incense

The incense coil is made using flowers, spices, oil, roots, and aromatic wood. No synthetic fragrances or oils are included in the coils, which means that what you get is a completely natural fragrance that you will simply appreciate.

It features an incense coil holder so all you would have to do is place the coil on the holder, light it, and enjoy the amazing fragrance.

This is a thin incense coil, which means that when it burns, only a small amount of smoke is produced. Even with that small amount of smoke, you enjoy a very amazing fragrance that will fill your house without overpowering you.

We were worried about the price you pay for 10 coils only but after trying the coils out, we were glad to include them on our list. Even after burning out, the scent will linger and remain in the house for longer.

2. Nippon Kodo Mainichi Byakudan Sandalwood Coils

We know that sandalwood can calm your mind and help you relax. This set of sandalwood coils ensures that you get the same level of relaxation you desire. The coils are made using high-quality sandalwood coupled with several Chinese herbs. The result? You enjoy a complete fragrance that is simply amazing.

The name – Brakudan – means a white aromatic wood, which is what sandalwood is. You will get a total of 20 incense sticks, which means that it is more affordable than most of the varieties available.

We highly recommend that you give this pack of incense coils a try.

How to Make a Choice

There is a wide variety of sandalwood incense sticks, cones, and coils. Making a choice can therefore be quite difficult. But we know how you can make a great choice.

The first thing you need is great quality sandalwood incense. Therefore, the first thing you should avoid is anything that is hand-dipped. In most situations, this type of incense will be based on chemical-based oils. Those are not pure. We would recommend that you choose anything that is hand-rolled with essential oils.

If you find one that is hand-dipped by a company that is recognized for essential oils, you can go for it. However, since essential oils are expensive, it would be hard to find such a choice.

Always remember to check out the ingredients list for a better understanding of what you are purchasing.

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Final Words

Our selection of sandalwood incense is worth your consideration. We appreciated all the choices we found for different reasons. Remember, there is no limit on the number of products you can purchase. Therefore, we would recommend that you try out different products to find one that is appealing to you most.

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