Does Sandalwood Incense Repel Mosquitoes?

Incense Repel Mosquitoes

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We’ve all had that time when you try to relax and unwind but it seems impossible because of mosquitoes and other insects flying around. Over the years, we have developed different ways of getting rid of mosquitoes. Some are safe and others are not.

The use of incense for repelling mosquitoes has become quite popular. However, not all types of incense can repel mosquitoes and other insects. In fact, some will attract them. This poses the question, does sandalwood incense repel mosquitoes? Well, let’s find out.

Does Sandalwood Incense Repel Mosquitoes?

Well, even though there are many ways of repelling insects like mosquitoes, few are natural. Fortunately, several types of incense can repel mosquitoes, including sandalwood. Sandalwood is an incense that is made from natural and renewable sources. They are completely effective in keeping bugs away, including mosquitoes.

One of the reasons why we prefer the sandalwood incense option is the fact that sandalwood is completely safe for you and the environment around you, in addition to its spiritual benefits.

Does Sandalwood incense repel flies and Other Insects?

For many years, sandalwood has been used to repel bugs, including flies. The natural remedy for flies did not start as incense. Instead, the people burned the leaves, wood, or even bark of sandalwood trees. What’s more, while this was an awesome way of repelling flies, it produces an amazing aroma that eradicates other odors around your environment.

How Does Sandalwood Incense Repel Insects?

It is quite simple. The fragrance that the natural sandalwood produces is not appreciated by insects such as roaches, flies, and mosquitoes. All you need to do is light your sandalwood incense sticks, cones, or coils, and allow the fragrance to fill your room or house, and enjoy all sandalwood benefits.

Does Sandalwood incense contain any harmful chemicals?

Here is the truth. There are many types of mosquito repellants in the form of incense sticks or coils. However, these can contain certain harmful ingredients. These include pyrethrum, allethrin, pyrethrins, esbiothrin, piperonyl butoxide, and many more. These are chemicals that would affect your health when used for certain periods.

Not only that, they might affect aquatic life adversely, should not be kept close to children, and may affect the environment.

Fortunately, sandalwood incense is effective but does not contain these harmful chemicals and synthetics. The natural remedy does not have solvents, synthetic fragrances, toxic ingredients, DEET, or petrochemicals. This form of mosquito repellant is environmentally friendly, natural, free of palm oil, safe to use around pets and children, and safe for release into the environment.

With that said, it is important to know that only completely legit products will be safe. Certain knock-offs have synthetic ingredients, which is why you have to be careful when making your choice.

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There is no need to use unsafe methods of repelling mosquitoes and other insects when you have such a natural and effective method. There is an additional advantage of a sweet aroma filling the space around you in the process. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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