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Types Of Incense And Their Meanings

different incense and their meanings

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Incense has been used for quite a long time in history. It has always been associated with the sacred and divine. If you look at history, you will notice that most of the uses recorded, even in ancient civilizations, involved using incense for some religious purposes. The intense aromatic incense scents were always highly appreciated by the gods, as well as men. The idea of burning the woods and barks of scented plants was quite popular. They were a common part of religious celebrations, as well as the purification of spaces.

But religion is not all incense would do. Incense smells were recognized to have some positive effects on the human body, incense was used as a useful and precious ingredient for the treatment of several diseases, as well as discomforts.

There are many types of incense scents in the world, each with different sets of benefits and meanings. With that in mind, it would be a great benefit to identify the types of incense and their meanings. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on the various incense types available, their scents, as well their major benefits. Stay tuned for an amazing trip through the various aromas.

Different Types of Incense, Their Uses, and Benefits.

Incense Sticks

Lemon Incense

Lemon incense is one of the popular types of incense with major benefits in aromatherapy. It is used to eradicate anxiety, reduce stress, and boost moods at the same time. It is also beneficial in fighting insomnia and fatigue.

A rat study was conducted in 2003 to determine the benefits of the lemon scent. There was a conclusion that lemon scent affects the nervous system and alters it in a way that helps in the reduction of body fat. The conclusion is that lemon also helps to control the gain and loss of weight, which is an amazing benefit.

Cinnamon Incense

One thing that makes incense fragrance popular is the sweet and spicy fragrance. It gives you a great feeling associated with the cozy and warm winter days. Because of the amazing scent, which is unforgettable, it is highly used in incense sticks, cones as well as other types such as candles and room sprays.

It features some amazing benefits such as relaxation. It is also known to be very effective in aromatherapy because it treats chest colds quickly.

Rosemary Incense

The incense is made from the evergreen known as rosemary. It has been in use for many years and has great benefits.

The fragrance that comes from the incense will eradicate any bad and unwanted odors that might lurk around your house. It is also known to repel insects and to improve relaxation and concentration. If you want to burn incense that will help you focus on a certain task, this is a great option.



Lavender is mainly native to Mediterranean regions, as well as Northern Africa. It is grown mainly because of its beauty and medicinal purposes. The fragrance produced by lavender is popular for the improvement of a person’s overall beauty.

This incense is popular because it relieves anxiety and stress amazingly. If you burn lavender incense, you will get relief from migraines, headaches, depression, and tension. While identifying incense scents and their meanings, it is worth mentioning that it is a great ingredient in aromatherapy. It helps improve calmness and helps you sleep soundly.


Rose has an amazingly soothing and romantic fragrance. It is also popular for its use in aromatherapy. It is fondly appreciated because of its fragrance’s ability to normalize blood pressure as well as heart rate. But that is not all. The fragrance will also reduce anxiety levels and stress, boost your immune system, and finally ease menstrual cramps.

Most people who have had a chance to enjoy this lovely fragrance boast of its ability to ease their minds and bring a certain feeling of relief. Some incense sticks with a rose fragrance would be a great investment for you.

Tea Tree

Tea tree incense is popular as a traditional type of medicine. The Aborigines have used it for hundreds of years as a source of medicine. There are different incense meanings and benefits associated with it. It is a popular way of eradicating coughs and colds, which are among the main benefits associated with the fragrance.

The most effective type of tea tree fragrance features around 10% to 40% terpinene.

Orange Incense

The orange fragrance was greatly appreciated for medicinal purposes for many years before it was adopted as a fruit. Since it features an amazing fragrance, its use surpasses integration in incense. It is used in other products such as air fresheners, detergents, as well as other toiletries.

It is popular for getting rid of stress and anxiety. It promotes a calm atmosphere and helps to improve the general feeling of a happy environment.

When looking for this incense fragrance, make sure that it is made using some natural ingredients, as opposed to any synthetic ingredients.


The origin of eucalyptus trees in Australia. However, they are currently cultivated in different parts of the world because of the remedial properties they possess. In regards to the incense uses and meanings, this one is among the most versatile. The oil used to make this amazing incense fragrance is extracted from the tree’s leaves. It is an amazing source of cough medication.

But that’s not all.

The eucalyptus fragrance will help you get rid of the mucus that might be in your chest. When you inhale this fragrance, the mucus will be loosened up. When it is loosened up, the mucus will be removed from your chest in bits when you cough.

Also, this amazing fragrance will work perfectly in repelling insects. If you have a mosquito problem in your home, simply light up an incense stick with a eucalyptus fragrance and that’s it.


Burning Frankincense Resin

Frankincense is also known as olibanum. It is formed using the resins extracted from the Boswellia tree. The continuous use of frankincense has helped to reduced certain illnesses significantly. The incense is known to promote a person’s well-being emotionally. It is very effective in making sure that your mind remains relaxed and that you are calm.

Clary Sage

Clary is a plan that is native to North Africa, as well as Northern Mediterranean regions. It was widely used in the treatment of various problems such as vision.

The main reason why it is loved is the lovely fragrance that helps greatly to reduce the pungent smells that might lurk around your house.

Several studies have also proven that the amazing scent of sage has some anti-depressant effects. The study involved two women who were postmenopausal and were depressed. They were around 50 years of age at the time and after breathing clary sage incense, their depression was alleviated. The reason behind that is that the incense scent can improve thyroid hormone levels and lower cortisol levels.


To be honest, lemongrass is among the most beneficial incense when it comes to different incense and their meanings. It is used extensively in aromatherapy. It features some amazing benefits that include the reduction of anxiety, as well as headaches and muscle aches.

The fragrance will improve the general feeling of a relaxed environment. To make the deal sweeter, it helps in repelling mosquitoes and other insects.


Sandalwood Chips

Sandalwood is common in Indonesia and India. It is an evergreen tree that has immense benefits to your health. It has been used extensively in controlling blood pressure, boosting a person’s memory, as well as reducing stress, and improving the complexion of your skin.

It features an amazing warm and woody scent, which allows it to be used in other products aside from incense. You will get it in soaps and perfumes. The aroma is quite beneficial to the body. It is a great type of incense if you are looking for incense to burn during meditation.


Myrrh will grow even in a desert. It was offered as a gift to baby Jesus. It has been traded for a long time and has been associated with amazing benefits. Egyptians believed that it could proscribe insanity, relax a nervous person, and calm the spirit with ease. In other words, this incense is quite popular for its ability to combat mental confusion and fatigue.


Cedarwood incense is developed from the cedar tree, a tree that is associated greatly with the tree in Eden. Cedar is considered a tree with revelations. It features some amazing benefits.

When you inhale the fumes that are produced by the cedarwood incense, you will get some supernatural suggestions. But that’s not all. It will improve your self-esteem and inner strength. It is also popular for its use in eradicating the negative energies that might be around a certain space.


This incense is from the Far East originally. The incense is created using a resin that is extracted from a tree known as the Benzoe Siam tree. It is quite irritating and intense when burnt alone. Therefore, it is mixed with some sandalwood or cinnamon to create a calming effect when burnt. It might also be mixed with some cedar to help you elevate your mind or gain access to different spiritual planes. If you are looking for spiritual incense meanings and benefits, this might just be it. There is also a blend that is known as Shakti that is known to stimulate certain properties of sensuality, love, as well as creativity.


Ladan incense is extracted from Cistus reticus, which is a resinous shrub. This incense is mainly from the Mediterranean basin.

It is popular for its ability to strengthen self-perception and sensitivity. But there’s more. It also helps to improve memory in a person and improve imagination. Finally, it is burnt to bring solidity and inner stability.

Storace Incense

Storace was a native bush that would secrete a certain liquid balsam. In the past, this incense was used widely during feasts or such hyped-up events. The main reason behind this main use is the ability to infuse vigor, sensuality, as well as energy. The aroma it produces is similar to amber, although it is widely sold in the state of gum nowadays.


Aloeswood incense is highly recommended for people who want to meditate. It is recommended only for purposes of meditation. It is a popular belief that inhaling incense is the same as going through half an hour of a meditation session. It is extremely hard to find, which means that it is an expensive choice. However, you can find it in some incense blends in the market.


When considering burning incense sticks, we have to think about Patchouli, which is a very common type of incense. It is quite popular in the production of perfumes, especially the perfumes that have to do with men’s fragrances. The incense is known to feature some aphrodisiac features. So, who should use it?

The fragrance is highly recommended for people who aim to lift their spirits, achieve a positive mood, and relieve any anxiety or tension. There’s more. It has also been used for repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects, giving it a more versatile aspect.


Among the most loved and appreciated incense fragrances is vanilla. It features an amazingly pleasant scent that will not only promote relaxation but also calm your mind significantly. It is an important tool in meditation. The reason? It is known to improve the general focus and ease your muscle tension while relieving anxiety and stress.

Divino Nino

Regarding incense uses and meanings, more uses surpass the ability to maintain a calm and positive energy. This particular incense fragrance is used for more. It is a popular incense used in blessing children. It is also very popular in helping your mind stay away from negativity.

A person can lose faith in something or a higher power. If that is the case with you, this incense should help you restore your faith.


Egyptian Musk Incense

Musk is a quite popular fragrance used in making most incense sticks in the market. It is popular for the ability to restore order and balance in your life. Additionally, it can create a sort of protective barrier from any negative or evil aspects. Additionally, it should help you to realign energies, and eradicate any negative influences that might be affecting your life.

This specific fragrance is associated mostly with death, the afterlife, and the underworld.

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Guardian Angel

Guardian angel incense is burnt with a very specific purpose. It is said that incense will give you protection from any harm or evil. When you burn guardian angel incense, you will not be alone and will be protected well.


amber scent meaning

Amber is very popular in many incense stick brands. What makes it so popular? Aside from having a calming and relaxing pleasant smell, it has some great benefits. It is important in meditation and helps in concentration. Therefore, if you are looking for a calm way to concentrate, this is a perfect option. Additionally, it is known to help people who are studying or searching for knowledge.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragons Blood cones

Dragon’s blood is quite an exciting type of incense for various reasons. The incense is produced using the dragon’s blood resin, which is dark red and resembles blood. It is extracted from a range of tropical trees that are referred to as dragon trees.

The incense is burnt to improve the general well-being of a person. It is also used in spiritual occasions and rituals. The use has been popular for several years in Asia, the Middle East, as well as Europe.

This amazing fragrance is spicy and sweet, which most people liken to a spiced vanilla fragrance.

Nag Champa

Of all types of incense and their meanings, this is the most popular in the world for various reasons. It is an incense created from a blend of two fragrances. It features the scents produced by sandalwood and magnolia, or sandalwood and frangipani.

This amazing fragrance is commonly used in meditation. However, it has been known to be perfect when integrated into certain products such as perfumes, and toiletries such as soap. Nevertheless, it has been known to stimulate a certain level of spiritual awareness without any case of overpowering the user.


Jasmine is made using an essential oil that is extracted from the white flowers of the Jasmine tree. It is known to feature quite a sensual aroma that has been known to be similar to rich honey. When you burn incense with a Jasmine fragrance, you can expect to have a certain calming effect with an antidepressant effect. It can also be an aphrodisiac and helps greatly with insomnia. Sleeping should not be a problem.

Ylang Ylang

Certain situations would easily make us angry or frustrated. It is life. We have all been through such moments. If you find yourself in such a situation, it would be a great idea to burn incense with this fragrance. It has been recognized as a way of soothing anger that would be a result of frustration. It is also used widely in the treatment of stress and depression-related disorders.


Strawberry fragrance is one of the sweetest aromas integrated into incense. It is burnt for special occasions that have to do with love, sensuality, and luck. It is a great source of romance.


The final fragrance we will tackle is opium. Opium is quite efficient in relieving fatigue that would lead to loss of sleep. Therefore, its main purpose is to bring around some amazing dreams and induce sleep. If you happen to have some prophetic dreams, it would be a great incense choice to use.

Choosing the Right Incense for You

Before you choose incense, there are certain things you have to consider, including the types of incense and their meanings. After figuring out whether you want an incense stick or cone or powder, the next step you should take is to check the quality of the incense. It is important to be informed, even if it means talking to the seller about it.

It would be quite disappointing to purchase a certain type of incense, only to realize that it does not burn for an adequate amount of time to give you an aroma that will fill your space. There are different varieties in the market, some of which are quite cheap. Since the intensity of an aroma will depend on the amount of space in which it is burnt, you should ensure that the incense is big enough to produce an adequate aroma for the entire room or office.

Another consideration you should always have in mind when choosing incense is the material used to create it. There are different types of incense based on the material that is used to make them. Certain incense types are made using authentic ingredients. The authentic incense types are usually made using dried herbs, resins, flowers, or other ingredients that are collected from plants. Therefore, you have to make sure that this is the type you are purchasing. Other types are made using synthetic ingredients.

There is a chance that the packaging does not state that the incense is made using 100% natural ingredients. That means the ingredients are not derived from plants and are infused with some chemicals.

The main intent behind burning incense should also be a consideration. As you might have noted, there are different reasons that include relieving stress and anxiety, elevating your mood, or even getting rid of odors. Each fragrance has its own effects. Therefore, make sure to choose an incense fragrance that can give you exactly what you need.


  • What Is The Meaning of Incense in the Bible?

Incense is a fragrant material that is burned to produce a pleasing smell. It is often used in religious ceremonies and as a way to reduce stress or promote relaxation.

There are many different types of incense, but the most popular ones include frankincense, myrrh, and sage. Each type of incense has its own unique smell, which can be used to create different moods or atmospheres.

In the Bible, incense is often mentioned in connection with prayer or worship. For example, in the book of Exodus, God instructs Moses to make an altar for burning incense. And in the book of Revelation, John sees an angel holding a censer full of incense, which he uses to pray for the saints.

So what is the meaning of incense in the Bible? While there is no definitive answer, it seems clear that incense was used as a way to connect with God or the divine. It was also used as a way to purify or cleanse oneself before entering into His presence.

  • What is the meaning of incense in the Catholic Church?

The meaning of incense in the Catholic Church is twofold. First, it is a sign of respect and honor for God. We believe that God is present in all things, and so we offer incense as a way of showing our reverence for Him. Second, the incense is also a symbol of our prayers rising up to God. When we offer incense, we are asking God to hear our prayers and to grant us His grace and mercy.

  • What is the meaning of incense at a funeral?

Incense has been used in religious ceremonies since ancient times. It is burned as a way to purify the air and to offer prayers to the gods. The smoke from the incense is thought to carry the prayers up to the heavens.
In modern times, incense is often used during funerals as a way to create a sacred space and to honor the deceased. The smoke from the incense is thought to carry the prayers up to the heavens.

  • Is burning incense harmful to health?

Burning incense in well-ventilated spaces is generally safe. However, individuals with respiratory issues may want to use it in moderation.

  • Can I mix different types of incense?

Absolutely! Experimenting with different scents can lead to unique and personalized aromatic experiences.

  • What’s the best incense for relaxation?

Lavender and chamomile-scented incense are popular choices for relaxation and stress relief.

  • Are there sustainable incense options?

Yes, many brands offer eco-friendly incense, sourcing materials responsibly and using biodegradable packaging.

  • Can I use incense for meditation?

Yes, scents like sandalwood and frankincense are traditionally associated with meditation practices for their calming effects.

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There are many types of incense, more than we have included in this post. Each features different benefits and uses. Before you choose a certain type of incense, it is recommended that you consider the benefits you aim to reap from the incense, as well as the scent you prefer. Make a choice today and start enjoying the burning of incense at home or in the office.

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