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What is Amber Resin

amber scent meaning

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When you mention amber resin, an intoxicating and rich aroma comes to mind. This divine fragrance has been a very sacred powder for a long period. In the past, it has been given many names including Ambrosia, which means Nectar of Gods. It has very many uses, some of which are spiritual like purification, love, luck, healing, meditation, as well as an aphrodisiac.

However, what do you know about the resin? Amber incense has a lot of uses and benefits. It is important to identify all these important facts. In this post, we will learn what is amber resin and highlight some of the amber resin benefits. Keep reading!

Amber Resin Overview

Black Amber

What is amber resin?

Amber is a combination of different herbs and resins. They are put together in India by master formulators. A formulator uses a secret unique recipe that is generations old and guarded tightly.

In general, the amber resin is in the form of a solid fragrance that is made using a couple of oleoresins and resinoids that include gum frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, gum styrax, labdanum, Sal tree, and many more.

Where does amber resin come from?

The ingredients used to make the resin are from sub-forests in Africa and India. These ingredients start by being crushed, after which they are mixed and heated carefully. After a short period of heating, they are cooled and result in a crystal amber resin. There is a wide range of amber resin uses, which include solid perfume and incense.

In general, a combination of Styrax Resin, Benzoin, honey, as well as additional aromatic spices in Beeswax base make amber resin. You can notice it because it has a strong aroma and is a bit oily and soft.

What does amber smell like?

The amber fragrance is mainly defined as woody, earthy, and sweet. The earthy note is from the combination of different resins. You will also note a hint of vanilla that contributes to the sweet aroma.

How is amber resin made?

Amber resin can be found in a pure form inside tree trunks, but most of what is sold or purchased as amber resin includes something more.  In addition to the sap itself, other ingredients will often be used in order to make the resin easier to handle or fit into a different purpose.  This almost always includes some kind of wax, most commonly beeswax, and often includes other homeopathic medicines such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and so on.

Using Amber Resin

What are some of the Amber resin’s uses? You can use amber by burning it on charcoal, or simply as potpourri.

Solid Perfume

One of the uses is perfume. You simply need to dab a bit of it on your clothes or your skin. You should consider applying it on dark clothes, not light ones since there is a chance of leaving a stain. You can rub a bit of it on your wrist. After applying it, allow the heat from your body to melt the resin then rub both wrists together until it is not visible anymore.

Note: Some people might have some reactions to amber oils. In case you notice any irritation, simply stop using it.

Room Fragrance

You can use amber as a potpourri in your room. You can also place it on a nightstand or close to your working desk. You should also know that amber tends to melt when placed in temperatures higher than room temperature. You should therefore be cautious about this.


This is one of the most common uses of amber resin. You should know how to burn amber resin properly for the best results. Usually, charcoal tablets or oil warmer would work perfectly. When you heat it properly, it will release an amazing scent and this will spread across your room or house.

Benefits of Amber

Not only does amber smell good, but it also has certain benefits. So, what are some amber incense benefits? Let’s take a look.

Increasing Circulation

When you rub amber on your skin, your blood flow and circulation will be improved immensely. It will indeed relax you. However, it is known to have some stimulant features that will improve oxygenation, blood flow, as well as resource delivery to all body parts that require it. As a result, you can expect that body organs will function better and energy levels will be higher.

Increasing Libido

It has long been known that amber works perfectly as an aphrodisiac. When you burn amber resin properly, it will diffuse in the room and it will enhance hormone release. This results in better fertility, sex drive, and reproductive function in general.

Magickal Properties

Amber can be considered to be a diverse family of fragrances. As you would expect from this, it has a broad range of magical benefits. You can classify the amber into dark, medium, and light varieties. It has a very powerful energy that will evoke ancient wisdom and sensual pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much is a piece of amber worth?

The price of an amber piece depends on the size. If you want a small sample, you can get one for around $35. However, if you want a bigger piece, you can get one for more than $100.

  • What color amber is the most expensive?

Most people are familiar with golden and yellow amber. However, you can expect to find reddish-brown, orange, yellow, as well as white amber. The reddish-brown amber has more value compared to the golden amber. Golden amber also has more value compared to yellow amber.

  • What color amber is best?

Different people have different thoughts on the best color amber. Some people think that the lighter color, or white, amber is better compared to darker amber. The main reason for this thought is that the lighter amber is purer. The idea is that the light one does not have the organic matter it had when it flowed from its source tree.

  • How can you tell good quality amber?

It is quite simple. Inserting a hot needle inside a plastic material will result in melting. However, when you insert the hot needle into genuine amber, it will start cracking. If you want to tell that is amber, you should smell it. If you sense a pine-tree aroma, then chances are that it is genuine.

  • Where can I find amber resin?

Many whole foods and health food stores will have a special section which can sometimes include amber resin, and other amber materials (like amber oil).  If you can’t find a local store that has this item available, online purchase is always an option.  A variety of types, colors, scents, and more are available on dozens of websites such as Amazon, and Etsy that will ship directly to you.

  • Can amber be used as incense?

Ambers can be used as incense. Incense is basically a substance (a material) that has been processed and combined with mixtures to make it have a greater scent and to make it last longer. These mixtures could include herbs and dried plant materials, wood chips, resins, flower petals, essential oils, and many other combinations.

  • How do you burn amber resin incense?

You can burn amber resin as incense by lighting a charcoal disk, and then sprinkling the scorched pieces over the disk. The resin will melt and release its scent.

To burn amber resin, use a small bowl or incense burner and fill it with sand. Place a charcoal disk on the sand and light it. When the tablet burns out, you’ll know it’s ready for incense. Put the resins on the coal and enjoy!

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Amber is very popular and it has some amazing aspects that you would enjoy when you use it at home. We highly recommend that you consider using amber incense. It features some amazing benefits and it has a wide range of uses. Consider amber scent meaning for a better understanding of what to expect. Have fun!

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