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Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense


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There are many forms of incense in the market. However, you can easily recognize incense as any plant matter that is normally burned for its spiritual and aromatic benefits. Many people know about incense sticks, incense cones, or even others such as resins and other raw materials from plants.

Over the years, people have burned incense for different reasons. First, some burn incense for rituals, some burn incense to get rid of bad odors, and some burn it for healing, and protection. while others try to get their medical benefits.

Do you know about the spiritual benefits of burning incense? Incense burning is a ritual that has been available for many years and there are different incense spiritual uses that people have figured out over the years. What does incense do spiritually? In this post, we will discuss all the spiritual advantages associated with the burning of incense.

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Spiritual Effects of Burning Incense

What does incense do spiritually when burned? The spiritual effects of burning incense mainly depend on the ceremony or the main intention of burning the incense. For instance, Catholic churches will burn Frankincense incense to establish a connection between the community and the founding patron.

Palo Santo wood, on the other hand, has been burned over the years to help in clearing of bad energy. Different combinations of different incense types have allowed people to reap different benefits of incense. For instance, you can have a concoction that enhances your mood or even help in meditation.

Some Common Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense

This section highlights the spiritual advantages of burning different types of incense, not just a specific one.

Cleansing and Balancing your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Burning incense spiritual benefits include purification of energy. It is mainly a benefit associated with Palo Santo, Sage, or even Frankincense. Over the years, these three main types of incense have been used in spiritual spaces and in religious rituals to help realign people’s chakras and cleanse their energies. It allows people to feel balanced and to ease up.

It is recommended that you burn incense and recite mantras that will allow you to clean the energy around yourself, around the surroundings of a home, as well as some objects.

Improve the Divine Connection

Among the main spiritual benefits of burning incense is establishing a connection with the divine. As you probably know, incense is known to be sacred because it was available at Jesus’ birth and has also been used in Egyptian and Chines cultures, among many others.

Frankincense, for instance, has been used extensively over many years to allow people to connect to God, ancestors, spirit guides, departed family and friends, as well as angels.

Relieving Anxiety and Depression

Scientific studies have proven that the burning of Frankincense has allowed people to ease their depression and anxiety. (For more info about the best incense for anxiety)

Note: Burning of incense does not cure mental illnesses. However, the burning of incense will allow people with depression and anxiety to calm down. If you have certain mental issues, incense such as Frankincense will reduce the symptoms and will aid in other types of treatments including therapy.

You can easily light incense such as Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, curl up on your couch with a book and some tea and some music or even do that and run a bath.

Aid in Meditation

In many religions, incense has been known to heighten one’s senses, deepen attention, and even uplift your spirit when you are meditating. In the past, in certain traditions, time passing was measured by the burning of certain lengths of sticks.

Lotus and Sandalwood are among the most popular types of incense used in meditation. This is among the major spiritual benefits of burning sandalwood incense. You can choose whichever incense for spirituality you prefer and move to another plane for deeper thoughts and meditation.

Mindfulness and Generosity

It does not matter if it is aesthetic or religious, formal, or informal. When you light some incense and use it as an offering, you will create some good Karma. It is one of the burning incense spiritual advantages. This is a simple method of doing something without any expectation of payment. You will be showing your willingness to let go and generosity.

We recommend that you make it a very mindful activity, choose a high-quality incense stick, and light it. You should take adequate time for preparation, choose the right stick, light it, and relax.

Focus Creativity Stimulation

Another incense spiritual use is to enhance your abilities and improve your mental performance. You will also be able to stimulate ideas in your mind. The most common types of incense for spirituality that have this benefit include Aloeswood, Citrus scents, Ylang-Ylang, as well as Lemongrass, and Geranium.

It is recommended that you burn some of these uplifting fragrances during times when you are studying or simply working. They allow you to concentrate and focus. They are not as intrusive as playing music in your background. Perfect for studying or working.

Sexual Desire

Spiritual benefits of burning incense include an increase in sexual desire. Incense such as Rose, Vanilla, and Jasmine will put you in the right mood. Different incense types have been designed for this specific purpose. It is even possible to achieve this effect when you mix a couple of different types.

Magical Experiences

The burning of incense will produce certain scents that will remind you of the past, some past events, emotions, or even people. With the help of such incense, you will be able to go back to different parts of your memory bank that were pleasurable or memorable for you. You can experience the same feelings and joys you felt at that time. Many types of incense are known to have this experience.

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When burning incense, you can expect to have some great spiritual benefits. What does incense do spiritually? The truth is that the list of possibilities is endless and they have been around for the longest time ever. The spiritual benefits of burning incense are not a myth and it would be great for you to give this a chance. Enjoy burning incense for some great fragrance as well as other benefits.

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