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Best Smelling Incense Sticks in The World – Detailed Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by IncenseJunction

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Burning incense in your room is a sure way of making it cozy whether you are studying, working, relaxing on your couch, or simply meditating. If you want to fill your room with a pleasant scent and just do not want to use diffusers or a candle, then incense sticks might just be the best option for you.

So, which is the right incense for you? The appropriate incense for you will depend on certain things. For instance, the general ingredients used to make the incense will determine the scent. Fact is, the fragrance of a certain type of incense will go with a certain mood and will have a certain effect on your mind or your soul.

There is a wide variety of incense stick brands, each offering a wide range of products from which you can choose. Even though there is a wide variety, there are certain incense sticks that are generally of poor quality. To be honest, it can be quite difficult to identify the right incense sticks to purchase. Nevertheless, you must make the right choice so that your meditation can be successful. So, how do you do it?

Let’s get into it;

Healthy Incense

As we have stated in the previous section, it can be hard to find incense sticks that are genuinely healthy and efficient.

The first thing you should do before you choose incense sticks is to check whether the incense is made of natural ingredients. You can note that kind of description on the packaging. Natural ingredients are the best option for you and you should make sure that you try as best as you can to stay away from synthetic ingredients.

The next thing you should do is find out what is used to make the incense sticks. There is a wide variety of incense sticks that have a bamboo core. In most cases, it might have an un-aromatic filler coating, which might then be dipped in strong perfume. It is advisable to avoid this type of incense.

For the best-smelling incense sticks, try to find incense sticks that are made purely of natural herbs, without a bamboo core.

Our Top Picks

We aim to help you make a better choice without having to struggle. We have compiled a total of 15 products, each of which we have reviewed in detail. After that, we will help you choose one that will fit all your requirements.

  • Shoyeido Plum Blossoms Incense

SHOYEIDO Plum Blossoms Incense
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001B652NCThis package contains a single box filled with around 150 sticks. Each of the sticks has a length of 5.25 inches. Each of the incense sticks will burn for around 30 minutes, which will then leave a lingering aroma in your house.

The incense sticks come with a traditional sandalwood fragrance. However, there is an addition of certain subtle notes such as Saussurea, and cinnamon, among others. The result? You will get a multi-dimensional fragrance. You might wonder what a multi-dimensional fragrance seems like. Well, most of the people who have tried these incense sticks review that it has a sort of spring forest scent.


  • The package has a lot of incense sticks
  • They have an amazing multi-dimensional fragrance
  • Amazing decorated packaging
  • They are reasonably priced.


  • They burn out quite fast compared to other brands in the market.

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  • HEM Frankincense and Myrrh Incense

Hem Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00JRCQMIGIf you are looking for the best incense sticks in the world, these might just be what you are looking for. These incense sticks are made of myrrh and frankincense, which has an earthy scent that will make you feel at complete peace. Some people also say that it features a hint of black licorice, which would be perfect for different occasions.

The traditional scent is perfect if you want to burn incense during holidays such as the Christmas season. Myrrh is popular for its continuous use as medicine, perfume, and many more uses.

This unique and delightful aroma will allow you all to relax, including your guests. You can burn these wherever you are, whether it is an office or simply a home library.

It is highly recommended that you use an incense stick holder to improve safety.

Myrrh and frankincense are popular for their use in different ceremonies, especially Catholic ceremonies and in places of worship. However, that is not all. If you want to meditate, do yoga, or simply do aromatherapy, it would be a great choice for you.

The oil from which myrrh and frankincense are derived is known to feature some healing properties, which means that it will be a perfect way to improve your mental, emotional, as well as physical health. If you’ve had a rough time, then this would be a perfect way to relax your mind and feel better generally.


  • All ingredients are natural
  • Features some healing properties
  • The scent is traditional
  • It has a wide range of uses.


  • Not everyone will appreciate the scent.

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  • Satya Incense Set of 12

Satya Incense Set of 12
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01EIKB5COEach packet comes with 15 grams of incense sticks. They are made by Satya Sai Baba and are crafted by hand in India. They are also made using 100% natural ingredients, making them completely healthy. Some of the ingredients include natural resins, aromatic wood powders, honey, and finally some patchouli essential oil. The entire packet has around 15 sticks that will burn slowly for around 60 minutes, after which they will leave an amazing scent in your house.

There is a wide variety of fragrances in the world and it might just be difficult to choose a single one that you will stick with. Additionally, changing things from time to time is also a great idea. That is the main reason why this set might be just what you need. They feature twelve flavors, which include sandalwood, nag champa, patchouli, prana, jasmine, mystic rose, lavender, as well as opium.

You can use them alternatively depending on your needs or moods on a specific day or time.

Also, read: Is Satya Nag Champa Incense Natural?


  • A range of 12 flavors you can choose from
  • They are made with natural ingredients
  • They burn slowly
  • The fragrance left after they burn will remain for a long.


  • Complaints of heavier smoke.

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  • Chakras Incense Sticks

Chakras Incense Sticks Set of 7
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06ZZTG56QThe Chakras incense sticks are high-quality that will enhance peace, relaxation, as well as general well-being. Some of the fragrances you will enjoy with this pack include lotus, sage, peppermint, rose, sandalwood, frankincense, ylang-ylang, patchouli, bergamot, as well as Jasmine. Their design is intended for heating and chakra activation.

The sticks are made using natural essential oils and it is worth mentioning that their packaging is eco-friendly.

So, why are they unique? These incense sticks come with a 100% money guarantee. If they are damaged in any way, you can easily ask for a refund.

They do not have any type of harmful chemicals like charcoal and they do not have any synthetic scents. You will love using these incense sticks


  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made with natural essential oils
  • They have a range of scents.


  • Claims that they tend to be smokier than others.

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  • Morning Star Japanese Incense Sticks

Morning Star Sandlewood Scent Japanese Incense Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001B68ZHWWith a bundle of 300 sticks, this amazing package features some of the best-smelling incense sticks, and you will get the best value for your money. They not only smell good but also burn slowly and for longer.

They are a perfect option for those looking for a certain type of gift to offer friends. They will give you a cleansing and relaxing mood from the sandalwood, musk, and cedar fragrances.


  • They have a beautiful design
  • They last longer
  • They do not have excessive smoke
  • Their fragrance is amazing.


  • Approx. 4.75 inches long.

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  • Gonesh Incense Extra Rich Collection

Gonesh Incense Extra Rich Collection Variety Pack
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07NPCTHLCGonesh is a very popular brand that has a lot of high-quality incense stick variations. The company is based in the U.S.A and they are responsible for creating this specific set of incense sticks. The entire package includes five boxes, each with around 20 sticks. That means that you will have 100 sticks to burn in your house.

They smell absolutely wonderful. Not woodsy or excessively strong.

The brand is very popular for high-quality products and this specific set of incense sticks is no different. They are perfect if you want to meditate, relax, or any other therapeutic purposes.


  • Wonderful Aromas
  • Available for reasonable prices
  • Have a great black appearance
  • Easy To Light.


  • They don’t last very long.

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  • Raajse Japanese Incense Sticks

raajsee Incense Sticks 6 Pack Variety Set
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07K1CWS6DThis specific brand of incense sticks is made with 100% natural materials with completely natural herbs, resins, spices, as well as aromatic wood powders.

They are all made by hand in India using some of the traditional techniques that ensure the sticks last for a longer period. You should note that all these natural sticks are free of any chemicals such as charcoal that would affect your health in any way.

The general length of each stick is around 8.5 inches. The pack weighs 90 grams, which is around 12 incense sticks per box. The sticks will burn to completion in around 45 minutes when burnt indoors.

They have a wide range of uses. You can use them for anxiety, relaxation, enhancing a positive mood, yoga, healing, meditation, sensual therapy, aromatherapy, in spas, in churches, and many more.

These incense sticks create an alluring environment and promote confidence, optimism, and cheerfulness more than others in the market since they have rose, lavender, and white sage fragrances that are matched with amazing spices. With that in mind, you can assume that they are a perfect gift for your partner.

The incense sticks are completely pure and organic and you will enjoy burning them in your house, especially when you want to have a romantic moment with your significant other.


  • Affordable
  • Great romantic option
  • They have a wide range of uses
  • Their fragrance lasts longer even when burnt out.


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  • Bless International Natural Handmade Incense Sticks

Bless-International 100%-Natural-Incense-Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MDRWOEWThese incense sticks are brought to the market by Bless International. They are handcrafted with some essential oil. They are soaked for at least 48 hours. Each of the sticks has a length of 8 inches and will burn for around 30 minutes and the fragrance will linger in a room for around 24 hours, making these among the best incense sticks in the world. They have a myrrh and frankincense scent.

They will provide your space with a divine and strong scent. They might also burn fast but it does not mean that they will not last long in the room. They are known to be very good at purifying a space, whether a room in your house or an office.


  • Their scent will linger in a room for at least 24 hours even after burning out.
  • They are an affordable option
  • The sticks are handmade
  • Effective


  • The strong scent might not be for everyone.

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  • HEM Encens Shree Ganesh

Encens Shree Ganesh incense stick
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0020S3XK4The entire package features 6 boxes, each weighing 20 grams, bringing the total to 120 grams. They all have around 120 sticks, which is quite enough to last you a long period.

The quality fragrance that they possess will help to eradicate all negative aspects of all the zodiac signs. Their aroma will fill your space with pleasant and positive energy. They are a safe and healthy option because they do not have any dangerous chemicals such as Toluene and Benzene.

Their use is quite simple. All you need to do is place the incense stick inside an ash catcher and light the tip. Once you note that the tip is glowing, blow out the flame and allow it to burn with the glow.

Encens incense sticks are among the best natural incense sticks in the world. They are authentic and traditional. They will give you a calm and relaxed feeling once burned.


  • The sticks are thick, which means that they burn slowly
  • They are a traditional option
  • Considering the number of sticks you get, they are extremely affordable
  • They are free of any harmful ingredients.


  • The fragrance might be too strong for some people, especially those who do not have much experience.

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  • HEM Forest Cedar Pine Incense Sticks

Hem Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00KC2U86CHEM incense sticks are very popular in yoga and meditation centers. They have selected fresh fragrances that will improve your concentration, help you relax, and relieve your stress in general. The entire package contains a range of fragrances from pine, forest, cedar, first rain, as well as the rain forest.

When you purchase this package, you will get 5 hex tubes, each of which weighs 20 grams. They are made from purely natural ingredients and fragrances to help give a live and calm feeling to your surroundings.

All the sticks are handmade with completely natural ingredients. Their aromas will improve your levels of joy and confidence.


  • Great for people who do not have much experience
  • All the ingredients are 100% natural
  • They burn slowly
  • You will get an incense holder in the package.


  • None.

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  • Stamford Premium Aromatherapy Hex Range Incense Sticks

Stamford Premium Aromatherapy incense sticks pack
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N8V1E2HThis wholesale pack features incense sticks that are hand-rolled with completely natural ingredients. The incense sticks are made in India. The resins and natural oils used in rolling these incense sticks have been in use for many years. They have amazing aromatic and medicinal purposes.

The entire pack has six boxes. Each box has around 20 sticks.

The natural incense sticks have a soft and subtle woody fragrance that you will enjoy.

One reason why this package is among the best-smelling incense sticks is the ability to burn slowly and naturally.


  • It Burns slowly, around 30-45 minutes.
  • Has clean smoke
  • There are many incense sticks in the packaging
  • They are affordable


  • The scents are not for everyone.

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  • HEM Lemongrass Incense Sticks

HEM Lemongrass 100 Incense Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00LGZ3WAIHEM is popular for the production of high-quality incense sticks and this specific product is no exception. Let’s see why. The incense sticks are made with completely natural fragrances with zero artificial ingredients. They do not have animal products either.

The incense sticks have fragrances that will help improve your mood regardless of the day you’ve had. They are made in India by hand following the traditional fragrance blends and recipes.

Lemongrass, the main plant in these incense sticks, is a light, clean, and fresh plant that features an earthy aroma. It is popular for its ability to improve focus and clarity so that you can be more productive. When you burn it, you will create an amazing calm atmosphere in which you can complete your tasks on time.


  • Amazing and effective fragrance
  • There is a total of 100 sticks that will last you longer
  • They are handmade to perfection
  • All ingredients used are 100% natural.


  • There is no wide range of fragrances from which you can choose.

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  • JBJ Sac White Sage Incense Sticks

JBJ Sac White Sage Incense sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00AYTGPWEThis entire package features around 6 packs, and in each pack, there are 20 incense sticks. That brings the total incense sticks to 120. They have an amazing rating on online markets and they are quite reasonably priced. But that’s not it. Even though the price is low, they are very effective and they have an amazing fragrance that you will enjoy. Their aroma is not too strong to overpower you, but they are extremely unique and distinct.

When you use these, you can be sure that your problems will disappear quickly and you will relax properly in no time.


  • The incense sticks are reasonably priced
  • They have a distinct aroma
  • Each package has many incense sticks
  • They have a great design.


  • They do not have a wide range of fragrances to choose from.

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  • Maroma Eda Incense Sticks

Maroma Eda Incense sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B004RSQ3T8If you are in the market for strong incense sticks, these might just be the perfect sticks for you. They have a fresh, exotic, and earthy aroma achieved from lemongrass, vetiver, as well as cedarwood incense. They are made without any instances of charcoal, petroleum derivatives, phthalates, and parabens.

Each stick will burn for around 45 minutes. The vetiver is an essential oil that is produced from a green type of grass. That is why they are popular for producing a low level of smoke. That means the smoke is low.


  • Low levels of smoke
  • They burn for a longer period
  • Free of any harmful chemicals
  • They are made with natural ingredients


  • They tend to be pricier than most products in the market.

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  • Sensari Hand-Dipped Incense and Burner

Hand-Dipped Incense & Burner Gift Set Review
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B015TF9X0IThis package features 12 scents. To make the deal sweeter, there are 10 sticks added as a bonus. Some of the scents that are included in this package include the Egyptian Goddess, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Balsam Fir, Myrrh, Herbal, Nag Champa, Frankincense, and Myrrh, Patchouli, Sage, Vanilla, Sandalwood, as well as Potpourri. Don’t forget, there is an additional ash catcher included.

Each of the sticks in this package has a length of ten inches. That means that the stick will burn for around 1 hour. One amazing feature is that these sticks will not cause a problem when lit. Once lit, they will maintain the glow until they are completely burned.

The sticks are made using natural ingredients only. There are no fake chemicals or fillers to enhance the scent. To make it better, they are all hand-made in America.


  • All the incense sticks are hand-made
  • The ingredients are purely natural
  • There is a wide range of scents included in the package
  • You get additional 10 sticks as a bonus
  • The sticks burn for a long time before going out.


  • There is a possibility of the sticks contaminating each other.

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  • WagsMarket Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks

WagsMarket Premium Hand Dipped Incense Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07614H8QVThe incense sticks are dipped in the fragrance oil made by the manufacturer. They are dipped for adequate time to make sure that they have a strong and durable fragrance. The more the incense is exposed to the air, the weaker it becomes. For that reason, the sticks are dipped in incense for several weeks to make sure they have optimum durability.

One amazing aspect of this item is the packaging. The packaging ensures that all the incense sticks are delivered in their best form, as fresh as they were when manufactured. In the past, plastic zip lock bags were used for packaging. However, they were improved using the aluminum moisture-proof packs that will improve the protection.

Several fragrances are in the packet. These include vanilla, E Musk, Nag Champa, Jasmine, Frankincense and Myrrh, Island Sunrise, Pink Sugar, and many more.


  • There is a wide range of fragrances
  • They are packed well to improve durability
  • They burn properly without going off constantly
  • The price is reasonable.


  • The sticks are thinner and longer, which might be difficult to use on certain holders.

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  • HEM Good Luck Incense Sticks

Good Luck - Box of Six 20 Gram Tubes - HEM Incense
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001G452BQHEM is popular for the production of great Indian incense sticks with amazing fragrances. This is no exception in that respect.

These sticks are a great choice for a gift. The fragrance, coupled with the amazing cone burner would be perfect to give to friends or family.

The fragrance produced makes sure that you are filled with positive energy and vibrations.

The fragrance, in most cases, is used together with Palo Santo or white sage.

There are six packs in the item, each with 20 sticks. The total is 120 sticks.


  • All the sticks have superior quality
  • They produce a very effective scent that works perfectly
  • The sticks burn for a long time
  • They have adequate incense content for a large space
  • They are affordable.


  • Although they are affordable the cost has gone higher.

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  • Kanaiya Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Kanaiya Incense Variety Pack
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0756QHY72These are incense sticks that are manufactured and imported from India. They all have a similar sandalwood scent. Nevertheless, the brand offers a range of other fragrances in the market with the same level of quality. They include Rose, Lily, Vanilla, Lavender, as well as Jasmine.

The entire package features around 120 incense sticks. They all have a natural, clean smell.


  • Amazing summer scent to relax you
  • They are available at an amazing price
  • The incense is made using natural products
  • It is adequate for a large room.


  • They might be a bit too strong for some people
  • Some claims of the sticks being too smoky.

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  • Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellant Incense Sticks

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074TRFZHG

The first thing you need to know is that this is a very beautiful set of incense sticks. The green beautiful set of incense sticks includes repellent sticks. That means that it not only provides you with an amazing scent but also protects you and your family from mosquitoes. That protection lasts longer than two and a half hours.

It also includes a set of five plant-based key ingredients. That includes Rosemary, Citronella, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, as well as Peppermint. If you are trying to find a type of incense stick that will provide you with everything you need with a variation, try out this set of sticks.

Most brands will overlook this set of plant-based oils, but when you purchase this set of sticks, you can be sure that you get a mosquito-repellant set of sticks that give you the best aroma and protection.

What’s more, this set of sticks does not have any synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, or petroleum. You can be sure that all you get is nothing but the best. We highly recommend this set of incense sticks.


  • It has an amazing scent
  • One of the most beautiful scents on the market
  • Affordable sticks
  • Effective in cleaning up the air.


  • Does not work for everyone
  • Complaints of failure to repel mosquitoes.

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  • Incienso de Santa Fe – Juniper Natural Incense with Holder

Incienso de Santa Fe - Juniper Natural Wood Incense Bricks
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ir?t=incensejunction 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001BAF5MQThese are natural incense sticks that are made by a company that specializes in making a wide range of fragrances. They are all manufactured in the United States by hand. They are very amazing incense sticks for various reasons.

They are made from the Juniper tree, which is also known as the scent of the desert. The fragrance of a Juniper tree is quite similar to a cedar’s fragrance, although it has the additional gin hint. These trees are found all over the world, although there is a western variety mainly found in the Rocky Mountains.

These sticks are made with all-natural ingredients from the Juniper tree wood. You can be sure that you have a better and healthier environment when you burn these sticks, as compared to burning those with synthetic chemicals.

You can use these incense sticks for different reasons, which include mediation, relaxation, yoga, prayer, or just to bring out some positive energy and relax.

If you want to find some incense stick scents for a person who does not have much experience, then these would be perfect.


  • They are all-natural
  • They are perfect for people who do not have much experience with incense scents
  • They feature an incense stick holder
  • Reasonable prices.


  • The scents might not be for everyone.

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A Buyer’s Guide To Buy The Best-smelling Incense Sticks in the World

Incense sticks are one of the most popular types of incense available, but there are some points to consider before you head out to make your first purchase of incense sticks. First, you need to make sure that you have the correct incense burner to hold your incense, and then you want to purchase a quality product that will give you the most pleasing aroma. Finally, you should select your fragrance based on the particular result that you are seeking from your incense sticks.

Synthetic or Natural Scents?

In the past, incense sticks were purely natural ingredients with a certain hint of essential oils. However, that has changed in the recent past and it has become harder to find natural incense sticks.

Synthetic incense has become very popular as the product has become commercialized and mass-produced, but synthetic incense will not burn as cleanly or smell as aromatic as natural incense will. You will know if your incense sticks are high quality by the way they burn. If they emit a lot of black smoke, they contain too much synthetic oil. The incense that gives off a pale white smoke as it burns is generally an indication of high-quality incense.

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Choosing the right fragrance

Since incense sticks can be used for a variety of purposes, it is important to select your fragrance based on what you want your incense to do for you. If you are looking for relaxation, look for scents like sandalwood, balsam, and cinnamon. Meditation and prayer can be enhanced with fragrances like myrrh, cedar, and aloe. For creativity, buy incense sticks in anise, sweet grass, and gold, and for sleep select fragrances like saffron, amber, and sandalwood. With the right incense sticks in your home, you can enjoy the benefits to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual state.

Number of Sticks

You might have noted that there are several incense packages that have more incense sticks. This is the reason why you should consider this. There are brands that have more sticks than others, even though the price range is somehow similar. Additionally, if you have more sticks, they will last for longer and you will not have to go to the market to buy some more.

Burning Time

How long does it take the incense stick to burn out? Some will burn for longer than others depending on several things such as the thickness or length. Make sure that you purchase incense sticks that will burn for longer. That way, your house will have more aroma in the air. If you want it to burn for longer, you can simply cut it in half and enjoy half the burning time.

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Japanese incense sticks

Japanese incense are produced without a wooden middle stick. A paste is created from water, wood powder, and scents and then pushed through a nozzle, cut, and dried. High-quality Japanese matures for several years and usually contains approx 20 different components. The sticks with a high proportion of Eaglewood are usually the most expensive. Japanese incense is approximately 14 cm and burns for approx 30 minutes. Some of the best manufacturers are Baieido, Kokando, Kunjudo, Kunmeido, Kyukyudo, Nippon Kodo, and Shoyeido.

Tibetan incense sticks

In Tibet, incense sticks have been produced since the 7th century. These contain a lot of herbs and are traditionally rolled by hand and dried. They have no inner stick and are usually thicker than Japanese sticks. Incense from Tibet has a very good quality reputation.

Indian incense sticks

Indian incense is produced by applying a paste from a wood powder, some oil, some water, and incense. It is then applied to a thin wooden stick. Besides the traditional resins, wood, and herbs there are also synthetic scents (e.g., musk ambrette compounds.) An incense called Agarbatti is traditionally made by hand. Incense is used in traditional spiritual medicine and benefits. They use individually selected ingredients to bring the Ayurveda in balance.

Popular incense ingredients

Aloeswood, Cassia, Cedar, Cinnamon, Cypress, Juniper, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Coriander, Juniper, Nutmeg, Star anise, Vanilla, Amber, Benzoin, Camphor, Copal, Dragon’s blood (a plant resin), Elemi, Frankincense, Galbanum, Guggul (Indian Myrrh), Kauri Gum, Labdanum, Mastic (plant resin), Myrrh, Opoponax, Sandarac, Storax, Tolu balsam, Patchouli, Sage, Calamus, Costus, Galangal, Orris, Spikenard, Vetiver, Clove, Lavender, Saffron, Rose.

How Incense Sticks are Made

Incense sticks are the single most popular way in the United States to burn incense, despite the fact that many other options are available (ranging from charcoal burners to braziers to oil burners and more).  These easy-to-find and easy-to-construct incense sticks can be found anywhere from health food stores to specialty shops to smoke shops and even in places like Hot Topic. But how are these incense sticks made?

The Three Methods of Incense Stick Creation:

There are three major methods of creating incense sticks. They are paste rolling, powder coating, and compression. Each one involves different materials and creates a somewhat different result. Each of the methods will use a compound of the incense itself, and most frequently will use a bamboo stick in the center for its slow-burning and controllable properties.

Paste rolling takes a paste created from the incense mixture that is rolled using a paddle. Then, the thin bamboo stick is played inside the rolled-up incense and the two are rolled together until they stick together. They are then cut into appropriate lengths and allowed to dry.  These are usually only slightly thicker than the bamboo stick.

Incense sticks created with powder coating will create a significantly larger stick of incense (with the incense being as much as two centimeters thick. A powder material of the incense materials is created and set aside, and the incense sticks themselves are soaked in a water or water/glue compound for a brief period of time. Then they are placed in the tray of incense powder. They are rolled around, and several coatings of incense powder are added (usually about four).

Compression is a method where a damp powder made of incense materials is created and the incense sticks are combined with it mechanically. These are the types of incense sticks found in most stores today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I buy incense sticks?

You can easily go online and find the best incense sticks in the world in online markets such as Amazon and Etsy. You can also visit your local grocery store for some incense sticks.

  1. How long does it take for an incense stick to burn?

It depends on the thickness and height of the incense stick. Some will burn for longer than others, some going up to 2 hours.

  1. What are the safety measures in using incense?

First, you need to use an incense holder. Secondly, keep the burning incense from any surface or items that might catch fire. Keep them away from children.

  1. What are the benefits of burning incense sticks?

There are several benefits, which include stress relief, improved focus, as well as purifying a space. The benefits are many. However, they are associated with a healthier body, mind, and soul.

Why Does the Fragrance of a Burning Incense Stick Spread So Fast?

You might have noted that once you light an incense stick in one corner of the room, the fragrance or aroma of the stick spreads to the entire room in no time. The reason is quite simple: Diffusion.

Diffusion is an aspect of matter based on the motion of particles. In gases, it is the fastest since the particles move rapidly. The particles of the incense smoke or vapor will fit between spaces of the air’s molecules, which allows it to move very fast. You should also know that the vapor will expand very quickly in the process of diffusion. The fragrance spreads will spread because of the diffusion of the incense vapor in the air.


There are various reasons for burning incense, all of which are very beneficial. However, it would be quite effective if you purchased incense that will give you adequate and efficient results depending on what you are expecting.

This post shows that there are some great Incense brands that offer a range of fragrances. For instance, HEM incense sticks have a wide range of fragrances you can choose from. It is also important to note that there is a wide range of fragrances, each of which will give you a different reaction in regard to emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Therefore, you should note the different fragrances, find one that addresses your mood and try it out.

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