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What are the Best Incense Brands?

multiple incense brands

Incense sticks have been gaining great popularity in their market because of their ability to calm the mind. They have been in use for different reasons including aiding in pray, religious ceremonies, as well as meditation. The scents, fragrances, and aromas have proven to stir certain feelings and responses.

Since the popularity of incense sticks is growing rapidly, more and more brands are emerging claiming to have the best incense in the market with better health benefits. However, that is not always the case.

Choosing the right incense brand is the first step you have to take if you want to get quality incense sticks.

So, which are the best incense brands in the market? What makes them special? We have reviewed a wide range of brands and have come up with some of the popular incense brands that will assure you of high-quality incense sticks. The information in this post features the highest-quality brands in the market. Read on for further details.

The Best Incense Brands

First, we will start by looking at the top brands in the market, after which we will help you choose the right incense brand.

  • Shoyeido

SHOYEIDO Plum Blossoms Incense,
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Shoyeido is one of the companies based in Japan that is responsible for the best products in the market right now. The brand has received great reviews on online platforms and if you use one of their products, you will understand why it is among the best in the market. One of their best-ranked products in the world is the Plum Blossoms Incense, and Golden Pavilion Incense.

Since the brand is very conscious about the environment, they ensure that they create their incense using only natural materials. You will note that there is a wide range of incense lines they provide. However, the series that is most appreciated is the Shoyeido daily.

That series has 8 incense sticks that are created using high-quality material. Every scent has a Japanese name coupled with an English translation that is printed on their beautiful boxes.

You will also realize that they use a wide range of ingredients for each of the variants. However, five ingredients are used in all of the sticks available. These ingredients include patchouli, sandalwood, cinnamon, clove, and camphor.

Even with these distinct ingredients, other additional spices will offer a distinct smell coupled with a unique health effect.

If you are worried about burning an incense stick and having to deal with a room full of smoke, you should choose this brand. The manufacturer is responsible for the production of options that are gentle and have low smoke levels. You will not deal with the smoke that certain brands have.


  • Wide range of incense lines.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Low smoke incense sticks
  • Great designs with a lasting scent


  • None

  • Kunmeido Incense Brand

Kunmeido Japanese Sandalwood Incense Sticks Reiryoko
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Kunmeido is a brand based in Osaka, Japan. It is a brand that is very popular for creating high-quality incense sticks in the Japanese market. The company is responsible for the creation of Reiryo Koh, an incense that gets a great response in the market as one of the best. The incense is used in The temple of eternal peace, a temple based in Japan.

One of the most amazing features about the incense from this brand is that they have rich aromas that are also traditional. You will also enjoy some spicy and peppery notes in their incense sticks. It is one of the things that you will extremely enjoy in this brand’s incense sticks. Their medieval feeling.

There are different ingredients used in this brand’s incense. For instance, there are incense sticks associated with fenugreek, clove, turmeric, sandalwood, patchouli, as well as borneol camphor. These are some of the most popular fragrances that are associated with the brand’s incense sticks. However, you will realize that they have additional ingredients such as oregano, cumin, dill, as well as fennel, which are the additional ingredients used to improve the aroma of the incense sticks.

However, do not assume that Kunmeido is only responsible for spicy incense sticks. You will also get certain blends with sweet aromas.


  • The brand has a wide variety of fragrances from which you can choose
  • The incense sticks are of high quality
  • The brand’s incense sticks burn for long and leave an adequate scent after they burn out
  • Kunmeido’s incense sticks are reasonably priced


  • The scent might be a bit too strong.

  • HEM

Incense Sandalwood, 120 Sticks in a Six Pack. Hem Brand
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When it comes to good incense brands, Hem is among the giants. The brand is very popular and has some of the best incense in the world. Their incense is made in India. That’s not all. They are handmade, with a wide variety of scents available. Some of the popular scents include eucalyptus, jasmine, opium, amber, lemongrass, as well as lavender. Their most popular, highly preferred scent is lavender.

The main reason why it is one of the most popular is the fact that it is a relaxation and sleep inducer, which means that it can get rid of your tensions and also create an atmosphere of complete tranquility.

However, that is not all it does. It can get rid of all the bad odors that would be in your home or room and will also make the general environment better.

If you want to be at peace all the time, you can easily choose this brand and you can be sure that you will not regret it.


  • Wide range of scents to choose from
  • Hand-made incense sticks
  • Popular and effective lavender option
  • Reasonable prices


  • It is not clear if the brand uses synthetic materials, although it states that it uses completely natural ingredients.

  • Chakras Brand Incense

Chakras Incense Sticks All-Natural
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This brand’s incense is popular for the balanced and unique aromas they produce. One of the features that make this the best incense brand is that the sticks are made using 100% natural ingredients. That means that there are no ingredients that are man-made or additional chemicals. Why are natural ingredients good? Well, they are completely functional in providing the desired aromas and scents. But that is not all. If you purchase incense sticks that feature completely natural ingredients, you will be safe from ingredients such as charcoal that would cause some health issues.

The fragrances you would get from this versatile package include peppermint, sage, lotus, rose, jasmine, patchouli, as well as bergamot.

These incense sticks are available at a very reasonable and affordable price. These rates are perfect because you get incense sticks that will allow you a scent that lasts for longer, around 1 hour.

The packaging of these brands is made with recyclable material, with each chakra getting individual packets.


  • Wide range of fragrances
  • Reasonable rates
  • Completely natural ingredients
  • The incense scents last for long when burned
  • Perfect gift for people into meditation or yoga


  • Some people complain that some of their incense sticks tend to be smoky.

Choosing the Perfect Incense

We have established that there are many incense brands in the market, each with some specific advantages and disadvantages. So, how would you choose the right brand to purchase?

Well, here are several features you can put into consideration.

Reason for Purchasing incense

Some people use incense for spiritual and religious purposes. That would allow you to purchase any scent you would want with any type of ingredient you fancy. However, if you are purchasing incense for purposes of health, you should choose a specific set of ingredients. Lavender, for instance, will induce sleep, lemongrass will repel insects and Dragon’s Blood is best for cleansing.

Range of Scents in a Single Pack

You might be a person who prefers to use a variety of scents for different activities and moods. You will find that some brands provide a range of scents in a single pack, some giving up to 50 scents in a single pack.

Some will even offer more than 100 in a single pack. If you are not sure about the best smell, the best incense brand would be one with a variety of scents.

Length of Cone or Incense Sticks

The best brand of incense should provide you with incense sticks that will last longer. You can figure out how long incense sticks from the length of the one or sticks. The longer a stick is, the longer it burns, in most cases. For more info check out this article.

Handmade and Natural Ingredients

If you purchase incense sticks with natural ingredients, you can be assured that you will receive more health benefits compared to incense that has synthetic ingredients with some artificial scents. The incense sticks that have synthetic ingredients will give off a strong scent that will in most cases be unpleasant.

You will also deal with dyes that are added to improve the appeal of the incense sticks. To be honest, these dyes will give off fumes that might potentially cause a hazard including irritation. If you have asthma, these incense sticks will cause a problem.

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Incense is great for your soul, mind, body, and home. They will not only contribute to a calm environment but also give you certain health advantages. There are several best incense brands from which you can choose. It would be good if you choose wisely for the best experience. Purchase incense sticks today and start enjoying the benefits.

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