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Benzoin Resin Magical Uses and Properties

benzoin resin uses

There are different resins on the planet, each with different properties, benefits, and uses. One of the most popular resins is Benzoin. Benzoin resin’s magical uses are the reasons for its popularity. Have you tried out some Benzoin resin before?

There are many benzoin resins uses, including its use for strengthening other purification incense in rituals. It has been burnt in many sacred rituals for centuries and it has been proven to work as described. Its magical blends will fill and intoxicate the air indoors and outdoors.

The amazing aroma is powerful. Half a teaspoon will be perfect when burned on a disk to fill your sacred space with an uplifting and soothing fragrance.

Magical Uses of Benzoin

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What is benzoin used for? Well, there are several things that you can do with benzoin resin.

The smoke produced when you burn benzoin will provide a perfect environment in which different spirits might manifest. The sweet scent produced by benzoin is perfect for love magic. It stimulates sensual perception perfectly and it opens the heart chakra.

It is a perfect resin for aphrodisiac potions and blends. If you are experiencing some painful emotions, this amazing resin will help you to let go of them. You will also be able to let go of resentment, as well as past grievances. Burning the resin will help adjust your heart chakra to love vibrations, which give you a balance between giving and taking.

Shamans also use this resin for shapeshifting so that they can take the forms of their spirit allies’ animal bodies.

It is also known that benzoin is perfect for exorcism, protection, prosperity, banishing, luck, as well as clearing rituals. It is known that one of the major benzoin magical properties is protection and you can take advantage of that property. All you would have to do is to carry it and sprinkle it around your home.

After you sprinkle the benzoin resin around your home, you will be able to attract good and keep any negative energy away from your home. You can also sprinkle it at an entryway to keep any evil, negative energy, or unwanted people away.

We all know that focusing or concentrating on something when you are sad might be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, with benzoin resin, you will be able to get perfect comfort that is going to translate to mental focus and concentration.

You can opt to use this resin by burning it during ritual and divination workings that involve astral projection, dream works, as well as psychic awareness.

It is known that benzoin resin has been burned during sacred rituals to invoke spirits. As oil, benzoin is soothing and relaxing. It eradicates any dreary thoughts and depression. The scent produced by benzoin is sensuous. You can use it to release any emotional fears and blockages, especially those that are sexual.

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Wrapping Up

Benzoin incense benefits are the main reason why you should consider this resin. It helps you in more ways than one. Get some resin for protection or to solve your emotional and sexual issues. We highly recommend that you try out this amazing resin. Good luck!

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