What Kind of Incense do Orthodox Churches Use?

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For many years incense has been part of religious practices and rituals. It has different multiple meanings in different places of worship and is burned in different ways. Have you visited an Orthodox church before?

Well, in Orthodox churches, incense is burned in metal vessels. This is a vessel hanged on three chains. In some cases, this vessel will have a cover that helps in regulating the charcoal burning inside it. It is only normal to wonder, what kind of incense do Orthodox churches use?

This post discusses the different incense types that the Orthodox Church uses, why they use incense, and the main source of quality incense that the Orthodox Church uses. Let’s get started.

Why does the Orthodox Church use Incense?

As stated above, in Orthodox churches, incense is burned in a thurible or a censer – a metallic vessel hanging on chains.

It is not clear when churches introduced the use of incense in services. However, it is known that it is a practice that has been around for a long time.

So, why is it burned in Orthodox Churches? First, the incense is a symbol of prayer, as noted in Psalms 141:2. Incense smoke rising is a symbol of the prayer going up to God.

Secondly, it is a way of worshiping God and finally, it represents the Holy Spirit’s Grace, poured on us, just like the fragrance of incense fills the Church.

What Kind of Incense do Orthodox Churches use?

In most cases, three main types of scents are preferred for use in the Orthodox Church. These are Myrrh, Rose, and Frankincense.


Rose has different meanings in Church. First, it symbolizes sanctity. It is a sacred scent that shows spiritual holiness is present. There have been reports of people smelling rose fragrance after prayers to saints.


Frankincense has been used for a long time. It is most popular because it was offered as a gift – together with myrrh and gold – to baby Jesus by the wise men. It is a sign of cleanliness and purity. It was used, even in the Old Testament, together with other spices and herbs for cleansing.


Myrrh is quite similar to frankincense in properties. However, Myrrh is also used for attraction and healing. It was among the herbs used in the burial preparation of Christ’s body.

What is Orthodox incense made of?

The incense used in the Orthodox Church is made using fir or frankincense resin, and some essential oils. The fir or frankincense resins are first turned to powder after which they are mixed with essential oils, also known as Athonite incense.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to buy Orthodox incense?

In most cases, you can get the incense, together with the charcoal from suppliers specializing in incense for worship. Churches will also get them from nuns or monks in monasteries.

  • What is Greek Incense called?

Greek incense is called Livani.

  • How do you burn Greek Orthodox incense?

There are many ways to burn incense, but the most common way is to use an incense burner. You can purchase an incense burner at most Orthodox Christian supply stores.

To burn the incense, you will need to light a charcoal disc. Once the disc is lit, place it in the burner. Then, add a small amount of incense to the disc. The amount of incense you use will depend on how strong you want the scent to be.

Once the incense is added, close the lid of the burner. The incense will then begin to smoke. You can waft the smoke around the room with your hand to spread the scent.

Greek Orthodox incense is often used during prayer or during times of reflection. The scent of incense can help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Do the Orthodox use incense at home?

The use of incense at home is common but not mandatory among Orthodox Christians. Incense is believed to make the home smell like prayer and is often purchased from monasteries such as the Hermitage of the Holy Cross. However, there may be some individual differences in opinion regarding the use of incense at home. Some individuals may forbid the use of incense at home due to personal beliefs or preferences.

While the use of incense at home is not mandatory, it is a common practice among Orthodox Christians who seek to create a prayerful and holy environment in their homes.

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Incense in Church has been used for a long time. It is, however, possible to find incense that does not contain the three only. There are some other forms of fragrances that are added to make the scent even more pleasant and strong.

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