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Meaning of White Candles

white candle meaning

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Lighting and burning candles are believed to be a spiritual practice since the earliest times. The flame indicates creation. It is a common belief that lighting candles can link them to the spiritual domain. Others believe in healing properties from lit candles. Moreover, others believe that using lit candles can bring out their full potential. Different colored candles are used for different purposes.

Meaning of a white Candle

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White candles are the most popular since they are used on many different occasions. Weddings, in homes, and many other different ceremonies. But what does a white candle mean?

White candles meaning is related to consecration rituals, meditation, divination, exorcism, healing, and other spiritual activities. A white candle signifies the greatest measure of alertness. The process of lighting a white candle together with meditation means seeking protection, healing, and purification.

The uniqueness of white candles

A white candle can be used to replace any other colored candles during rituals. This is first due to their availability, they are generally available. However, that is not the only reason. There is more to why a white candle can replace other colored candles in rituals. Understanding of the color of objects that do not allow light to pass through them is through the wavelength they absorb and emit greatest. As for white candles, they absorb all wavelengths equally and they also re-emit them in an equal measure. This translates to spiritual where white can represent all the colors in the colored candles.

When to use white candles

It is a difficult issue to limit the instances of when to use a white candle. Since a white candle can be used to replace other colored candles, the list of when to use colored candles is limitless. However, a few instances of when to use white candles are as follows. In giving thanks and gratitude, if you want to connect with the spiritual realm and in seeking peace and hope.

White candle spiritual meaning

White candle spiritual meaning is vivid in a lot of situations. If your aim is cleansing your environment from negativities, it is said that burning a white candle can get rid of all negative energies. It is also said that a white candle is ideal to burn when connecting with lunar energy.

White candles for protection

Another use is burning white candles for protection. Some people may desperately need to prevent someone from bringing destruction or danger to them or also protecting their property or even their families. White candles are burnt in the process of casting spells for protection.

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So far, we have seen so much about white candle symbolism and the uniqueness of white candles. White candles symbolize protection, healing, and connection with the divine. White candles are also for peace and harmony.  White candles are burnt any day of the week but are mostly preferred on Mondays. This is because candles are said to be associated with the moon and Mondays are considered moon days. It’s always important to extinguish candles if not in use. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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