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Beeswax Candles – Are they Dripless?

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There are different types of candles in the market, including beeswax candles. Even though they have been around for a long time, their popularity is still growing and more and more people are wondering about them.

Beeswax candles are among the cleanest alternatives you will find. Not only that, they burn longer and brighter than ordinary candles. They are mainly popular because they do not include chemical processing. They are completely natural.

So, are beeswax candles dripless? Well, we have prepared this post to help answer this question and many more. Here we go.

Beeswax Candles Overview

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What are beeswax candles? We should start by identifying the components that are included in a beeswax candle and how the beeswax is created. Bees will normally ingest the honey to produce beeswax. After consuming the honey, they will wait 24 hours, and wax is created from the honey.

After the conversion of honey to wax, it is removed from the bee’s body and it solidifies after coming in contact with air. This is where we find beeswax to make these candles.

In a single candle, you will find hydrocarbons, diesters, monoesters, hydroxy monoesters, triesters, as well as polyesters.

Do Beeswax Candles Drip?

Are beeswax candles dripless? Naturally, beeswax candles are dripless. This is made possible by the properties that make it possible for the burning process to slow down. The melting point of beeswax is high. Therefore, it is harder for the beeswax to melt, which means that the candle is dripless.

Completely natural beeswax has a melting point of around 149 degrees Fahrenheit. That is higher than the other candles. It also has a density of 0958, which means that it is simply dripless.

Why Do My Beeswax Candles Drip?

Beeswax Candle

Even though these candles are naturally dripless, several factors can make them drip. For instance, the flow of air – even from an overhead fan – would cause the flame to bend and dance around. In that instance, the wax will drip down the candle.

Additionally, when the wick is not trimmed after burning for a while, you should expect it to slide down the candle. The wick can burn the candle side, causing the beeswax to drip and cause a mess.

It is also possible that the candle is not vertical. That means that the flame will burn the candle more on one side, causing it to drip.

How to tell if a Candle is Dripless

How do you know if a candle is dripless? We all know that not all candles are created to be dripless. The dripless types of candles will have a very low amount of molten dripping wax. The wax used to make dripless candles features a high melting point. Check the description of the product before purchasing to ensure that it is dripless.

How do you keep beeswax candles from dripping?

there are several ways to prevent beeswax candles from dripping. One way is to catch it early and use a small amount of the spilled wax to create a tiny dam and block the channel where the wax is spilling out.

Another way is to trim or break the wick to the correct size, which will create just the right amount of heat to burn the beeswax up all the way to the bottom without causing drips. another tip to prevent candles from dripping by placing the candle in the freezer for a few hours before lighting it, which can help prevent drips from forming.

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We know that beeswax candles are not only dripless but also completely safe to use. Over the years, people have appreciated them because of the way they burn and the amazing aroma they produce. Therefore, we highly recommend that you give these candles a try and see what all the fuss is about.

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