DW Home Candles – Are they worth it?

DW Home Candles

Those of us who love candles know that selection is among the hardest part of making a purchase, especially with the large variety of options available in the market. You will find a range of brands in the market – including DW home candles.

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DW candles are among the popular options we have in the market. However, you can’t help but wonder, are DW home candles worth it?

This post is specifically prepared to help you understand the important aspects of DW home candles and figure out if they are worth your time and money. Here we go.

About DW Home

DW Home Candles worth it

This is a company that was started in 1996. Since then, the brand has strived to become a leader in the production of quality candle products. Its mission was to give customers products that retailers and customers will be satisfied with.

The global manufacturer features flexibility that allows them to customize their products to any specification. New concepts are constantly introduced to the market so that you always have a stylish and unique product in your home.

Where are DW candles made? DW Home is a known global manufacturer of candles and other candle products. Several sources and factories are based in Vietnam and China.

DW Home Candles Ingredients

We are constantly concerned with the quality of the candles we burn. So, we have to ask, are DW home candles safe to burn?

As for the wicks, they are made using cotton only with no traces of lead in them. The candles themselves are made using natural, essential, as well as synthetic oils.

Are DW candles made from Soy? You will find that the candles are made using wax blends. These include palm, coconut, as well as traces of paraffin. However, the fact that they include paraffin does not mean that they are toxic to humans or pets.

We also loved that the candles are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. They do not have any products sourced from animals and no animals are used in testing the candle products.

Are DW Home Candles Worth it?

One thing you will love the first time you light a DW home candle is the fragrance produced. Customers who have purchased their candles appreciate their amazing scent. However, they seem to have gone up in price.

The fragrance they produce is not overwhelming and does not change as the candle burns. It remains constant to the end. Additionally, the fragrance will last longer in your home.

What’s more, their candles are beautiful. Therefore, if you have a friend who loves candles, then this would be a perfect gift.

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In Conclusion

DW candles have received amazing reviews on different online platforms. The customers appreciate the candles’ fragrance and the way it lingers in your home. We have to mention, however, that they are somewhat pricier than others. But are they worth it? We think they are worth giving a try.

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