Thompson Ferrier Candles – Are They Worth It?

Thompson Ferrier Candle

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Everyone who has been out shopping for candles knows just how hard it can be to find one good quality candle. There are many brands in the market, each claiming to have the best of the best. Making a choice is, therefore, hard.

Have you heard about Thompson Ferrier before? This is one of the brands in the market that assures you great quality products, coupled with a unique beauty and design. But that’s not all.

In this post, there is a detailed Thompson Ferrier candles review that should give you an intimate look at the brand and some of its products. Here we go!

About the Brand

The owner is known as Raffi Arslanian. He and his fiancé have worked to capture unique beauty in the vessels used for the candles. Their main aim has been to transform the market, providing the consumer with scented candles that can play a good role in home décor.

Creation of Vessels

The vessels are designed by Raffi – The founder. He has a great talent and skill to create some unique design solutions. All the designs are then molded and formed by skilled artisans.

Wax and Wick

The candles are made using a cosmetic grade of wax that provides a translucent, silky, and simply divine texture. The wicks are also made using 100% cotton. The results are simply perfect.


The founder’s main aim is to make a fragrance that will bring up some positive experiences and memories. There is a wide range of fragrances that you can choose from for your home.

Testing and Optimization of Candles

The brand ensures that each candle component is tested and optimized to achieve the customer’s specifications and needs. Every candle has to meet certain standards and specifications.

Some Recommended Products

This section includes top Thompson Ferrier Candles reviews. Here are some products we would recommend.

1. White Buddha 3-Wick Scented Candle

This is one of the 3-wick candles that are not only hand-sculpted but also hand-poured in The States. It makes use of some of the best oils made by Swiss Perfume House.

The vessels used to make the candle are designed in New York City. They feature a soy wax blend coupled with natural essential oils. What’s more, it features a lead-free cotton wick for the cleanest burn.

If you have a friend who loves scented candles, this is the perfect gift.

2. Metallic Gold Sagano Candle

This choice is a candle made using ceramic. It also has a hand finish that ensures each detail is addressed properly. It is a piece that will stand out in your home. It is also filled with a soy wax blend, coupled with natural oils and 2 lead-free cotton wicks.

Place this candle wherever you want and enjoy the amazing fragrances produced. It burns for around 220 hours.

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In Conclusion

The truth is, this is one of the unique brands that ensure you get a very unique, yet beautiful candle for your house. After reading the Thompson Ferrier candles review, you can understand why it is among the best-rated brands in the market. To be honest, we think they are worth your consideration.

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