Melaleuca Essential Oils Vs DoTERRA

DoTERRA Essential oils

Melaleuca is an organization that manufactures and distributes personal care and home care products, which include essential oils. doTERRA is a brand responsible for manufacturing and distributing essential oils and natural wellness products. It is also important to note that Melaleuca the Wellness Company and Melaleuca Essential Oil which is the Tea Tree Oil provided by doTERRA.

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In this article, we will look at the difference in the provision of services between Melaleuca the Wellness Company, and doTERRA. The key factors include the quality of their products, provision of education, and price among others.

Difference Between Melaleuca and DoTERRA Essential Oils

DoTERRA Essential oils Differences


The purity of essential oil is very crucial in determining the quality of the oil. When the purity of the essential oil is compromised, it becomes less concentrated and even unsafe for use.

Both organizations ensure the purity of their products as they state several purifications they undertake. Melaleuca ensures purity by running several quality tests such as Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry, chirality testing, heavy metal/pesticide/herbicide testing, and organoleptic testing among so many others.

doTERRA, on the other hand, ensures that the oils are pure by using the Certified Pure Tested Grade, CPTG protocol. This ensures a thorough examination of every product and third-party testing to enhance quality.

Approval for Internal Use

doTERRA states that one of the ways to use their essential oils is through ingesting. They even give guidelines for internal application. Most of doTERRA’s essential oils are indicated to be approved for internal use and if not, it will have a special cap.

Melaleuca indicates in their journal that the internal use of essential oils should only be administered under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner. Melaleuca’s oils are tailored for topical and aromatic use. They warn against casually recommending essential oils for ingestion as they could lead to injury due to their high concentration.

Provision of education

Melaleuca offers information on their website regarding their essential oils. They offer advice on how to use their oils, whether or not they are safe for internal use, the testing that their oils go through to ensure quality, and they answer many questions that their customers could have.

doTERRA also offers free education on their website on what their essential oils are and how to use their products. In addition, doTERRA has free e-books on the use of their essential oils and also provides a course that teaches everything about essential oils, even production.


doTERRA gives alternatives for retail and wholesale customers and also wellness advocates depending on what they desire to achieve. They also offer loyalty rewards where you can save 25% off retail prices.

Melaleuca offers options for customers and business builders to purchase the products and they also offer loyalty shipping dollars where you can earn money based on watching videos in your first five months.


  • Is Melaleuca still in business?

Yes, Melaleuca is a direct-selling company that was founded in 1985. The company is based in Idaho and sells a variety of health, wellness, and home care products. In recent years, the company has faced some financial challenges, but it appears to be continuing to operate. In addition, Melaleuca has recently made some changes to its business model, which may help to improve its financial stability going forward.

Overall, it appears that Melaleuca is still in business and is taking steps to ensure its long-term viability.

  • Are Melaleuca products made in China?

No, the majority of Melaleuca products are made in the United States, specifically in Idaho Falls, Idaho.



With this information that you now have, you can choose which company is favorable depending on your specific needs. Choose the company that you know, trust, and that is affordable for you.

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