Can you make a Candle out of Earwax?

can earwax be used for candles

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Can you make a candle out of ear wax? This is a question that almost everyone asks after watching Shrek – the movie. When you think about it, it’s a weird question and does not seem to be the best idea on the planet.

Regardless, it makes you somewhat curious. Can ear wax be used for candles?

Well, we have prepared this short post to help answer this question. We will talk about the possibility of making candles from ear wax, after which we will discuss why you should or should not do it. Here we go!

Is it Possible to Make Candles out of Earwax?

You can make candles out of earwax. It is possible. There is a problem, however, with this. The normal candles are made using Beeswax or paraffin. They can burn uniformly. They feature high hydrocarbon levels, which is the fuel that helps burn the candle. The hydrocarbons will burn at the bottom part of the flame and break down, which is why that is the hottest part.

However, earwax features alcohol, dead cells, as well as fatty acids. That means that a candle made out of ear wax will not burn uniformly as you would like. Instead, it will frequently pop and flicker.

Can you make ear wax into a candle? If you really wanted to make it happen, you would have to use it together with another type of candle wax.

Reasons not to Make Candles out of Earwax.

We have seen that earwax does not react the same as normal candles do. But that’s not where the problems end. Here are some more reasons why you should not try out this idea.

The Smell

Ear wax is essentially a combination of different types of dirt that might have gotten in your ears. Even without burning it, you will notice that it has a foul smell that you would not love to smell for a long time.

When you manage to make a candle using ear wax, you should expect that it will produce an odor you will not appreciate. Be honest. Is that something you would like?

Collecting Ear Wax

Another problem you will probably face is the process of collecting ear wax. A healthy human’s ears will only produce a small amount of wax. You will, therefore, need to save your ear wax for a long time to have enough for a candle.

If not, you would have to ask friends and family to help in collecting ear wax. Nobody wants that kind of messy work. 😀

Wax does not melt but Burns instead

Wax will not melt as a candle does. While the normal wax will melt and produce some vapor, earwax will crackle, spitting some wax that is burning. A simple way to deal with this is to blend it with some other type of wax meant for candles. But honestly, anyone with some candle wax will simply choose to use it to make the candle without adding the earwax.

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In Conclusion

We hope that you’ve found this post as interesting as the topic. If you manage to make some candles out of earwax, tell us about your experience and how the results turned out.

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