What to Do with Incense Ashes

What to do with leftover incense ash

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After you burn incense, you will probably collect it in an incense pot. However, after a while, the ash will overflow. At that point, you might be left wondering what to do with the incense ashes.

Everyone has a different way of using or disposing of leftover incense ash. Some will use it as a spread when burning more incense, while others use it on plants.

In this post, we will explain what to do with ashes from incense. Let’s get started.

Using Incense Ash in the Garden

Incense ash

If you are wondering how to dispose of incense ashes, why not consider using them on plants? You might wonder, is incense ash good for plants? It is simple. When you purchase high-quality natural incense, chances are that it does not contain toxins that might be transferred into the plants.

Therefore, it would be a great fertilizer to add to the plants. Nevertheless, it is important to be careful because any type of ash has the potential to raise the soil’s PH level. Some plants would easily die because of high PH levels.

Scattering In a Lake or River

Even though it might be easier to dump your ash wherever you wish, it is not always that easy. To avoid bad karma associated with dumping incense ash, chose to scatter it in a lake or river.

This act is considered to be a method to remove certain items or energies that remained in the ash.

Is it safe to throw ash in the river or lake? Ashes produced by burnt incense are not toxic. They are therefore harmless to rivers and are a perfect way to get rid of the ash.

Other Simple Methods

If you are wondering what to do with incense ash, you can also consider giving it to friends or relatives. You might choose to purchase an incense pot for your friend as a gift. It would be a good idea to provide it with some incense inside.

What should I do with incense ashes after using them to cleanse my room? For ash produced in such kind of ritual, it would be a good idea to wrap it with a piece of cloth or paper. You should then bury the wrapped ash in your plant pot or the yard. It is better if it is a place where people cannot easily walk over it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is incense ash good for plants?

If the ash is from an incense stick made using natural products, it can act as an amazing fertilizer for plants.

  • Is the ash from incense sticks good for you? Is it good for your skin?

The truth is, the ash is not bad and it is not good. It features trace minerals and potassium. It, therefore, has no difference from regular ash.

  • Can ashes from incense cause a fire?

Incense is made of dried plant materials, which are then rolled into a thin tube and set alight. The heat from the burning incense releases the fragrant oils from the plant materials, filling the air with scent.

However, if the incense is left unattended, it can easily ignite something else in the room, such as curtains or furniture. Even a small breeze can cause the burning incense to fall over and start a fire. It’s important to be very careful when using incense, and to make sure that it’s extinguished properly when you’re finished with it.

Never leave it burning unattended, and always make sure that it’s completely out before you leave the room.


Now that you know what to do with incense ashes, you should go ahead and enjoy your incense without worry. We also advise that you do not eat incense ash and do not dispose of it together with the other waste.

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