Which is the Best Direction to Face during Meditation?

best direction for meditation

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Meditation has been a huge part of human culture and tradition for a very long time. It is an ancient practice that is not associated with any specific region. For those who have tried meditation before, you understand just how effective it is regarding connection with the inner self.

There are different types of meditation, and there are different steps you are recommended to follow to make the meditation a success. You may be reading this because you have heard that there is a preferred meditation direction.

So, what is the best direction to meditate? Does it matter which direction you face when meditating? Well, we have done extensive research and have prepared this brief, yet informative article to help you understand everything regarding the best direction for meditation.  Pay close attention.

Best Direction for Meditation

If you ask most people, the direction you face during meditation does not matter. It is a strong belief that as long as you focus on yourself, then everything else does not matter. But that is not all there is.

The Vastu direction for meditation, as recommended by Vastu Shastra, is northeast. This corner is referred to as Ishan by Vastu Shastra. It is a strong belief that this is the direction from which the strong magnetic energy of the earth comes.

Northeast is believed to be the zone related to clarity, mediation, and wisdom. When you face this specific direction, you will achieve peace of mind and relaxation of the entire body. As a result, meditation, which is all about letting go, becomes much easier.

You might wonder, why is northeast the best direction to meditate? What’s wrong with West? Well, there are beliefs that when you face west, it becomes a bit harder to get in your comfort zone. We all know that to achieve that perfect consciousness state, you will have to be in a comfortable state.

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At the Same Time…

While there is a certain preferred meditation direction, there are other factors that will either make or break your meditation. One of the main aspects of meditation is comfort. If any aspects of meditation such as the direction, stance, mudras, yantras, and such lead to discomfort in any way, then your meditation efforts will all be in vain.

Before you meditate, ensure that you have the right approach, the right attitude, and are completely comfortable, both physically and mentally. If you disturb these important aspects in any way, your meditation will be in vain.

Related Questions

  • Can you meditate while lying on the bed?

To be honest, you can meditate on the bed, or even any other place that feels comfortable. It should allow you to feel relaxed, peaceful, positive, and should be quiet.

  • What happens if you cannot face the northeast during meditation?

Well, your face should face in the right direction so that the mild energies approach you. Throughout the day, try to face northeast.

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There you have it! While many people do not know this, facing the right direction can greatly influence how your meditation turns out and the results you can get. We recommend that even as you consider the direction, you remember the other essentials of meditation. Have a nice meditation. J

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