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Everything you need to know about Abalone Shells and Smudging

abalone shell smudge

You should know that we, as human beings, are descendants of life in the ocean. Unfortunately, as we continue to live our lives, we tend to disconnect from our origins, which will leave you disoriented and sort of confused about our purpose in life and much more.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution for such problems. With the use of abalone shells for smudging, we can easily ground ourselves in organic forms. You will be easily reconnected to your ancestors and their traditions.

Smudging with abalone shells is a very effective healing practice that we should be well aware of. How much do you know about this practice? What are abalone shells used for? Why abalone shells for smudging? In this post, we have every important detail you need about smudging with abalone shells. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at this effective practice.

Smudging Overview

This is one of the oldest traditions. It has been practiced for centuries with great results. People have been burning herbs since humans discovered fire. Humans have also burned wood and roots with the aim of purification.

Smudging, in simple terms, is the act of eradicating negative or stagnant energy so that light, love, and positive energy can fill the room.

There are different reasons why people smudge. Such reasons include:

  • Lifting depression and anxiety
  • Purification of evil or negative energy
  • Stimulating inspiration and creativity
  • Cleansing a workspace or home
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Creating harmony

So, why use abalone shells for smudging? The truth is that throughout history, tradition has combined smudging with abalone shells. Abalone shells are a fundamental part of smudging. Here are reasons why abalone shells are perfect for smudging.

Abalone Shells

abalone shell for smudging
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Abalone shells, like most trinkets from Mother Nature, are multi-faceted. They are shaped like bowls, which makes them perfect for catching cinders that might fall from your burning sage. But that is not the only reason why they are used for smudging.

After holding these shells, the colors will illuminate the beautiful heart colors of the ocean. They will help to bring about nature’s intriguing essence to your home so that you are rooted in the waters and soil of the earth.

With these shells, you will be able to harness the ocean’s power so that the atmosphere in your home can not only be healing, but also very calm. When you are stressed, you can use abalone shell smudge to introduce calm your mind, spirit, and body. The rest of the noise produced by the world will fade away and you will easily tune to your heartbeat. You will receive the same happiness and joy produced when the waves glide over the sand.

In case you are wondering which bowls would be great for smudging, then you should consider abalone shells as the perfect choice.

How Smudging is done

In this section, we will look at how to use abalone shells for smudging. Traditionally, smudging was a ritual that was performed before a ceremony. That way, all negative or evil energies would be eradicated from the ceremony space, and a suitable, positive, and healing energy would emerge.

However, in the daily lives, we live, you can perform a smudging ritual to remove any bad or negative energies from a house, an office, or to induce a happier mood.

Abalone shells are thick and are colors they feature are simply perfect for those who want a smudging ritual to be magnificent. When you incorporate abalone shells in rituals, you will be essentially incorporating the elements of nature in your ritual. The shell stands for water, smoke will represent air, herbs and stick will represent earth and after they are lit, they will represent fire. With the four elements, Mother Earth will be part of the ritual, and manifestations and transformations will have room.

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To use abalone shells, you need to follow very simple steps:

First, you will need your herbs or sticks. We appreciate Palo Santo most. However, there are different types of herbs and sticks that you can use, each of them with different types of energies. Lavender, for instance, will promote calmness, mugwort will stimulate dreams and white sage will release and clean energy.

We highly recommend that you place some sand in the shell so that the natural shine can be protected from the embers and smoke.

You will then need to light the herbs or sticks and rest them inside the shell so that it can collect any embers or ashes produced when the herbs or sticks continue burning.

If you want to bless an object or person, you should use a feather to spread the smoke around their presence. It would also be a good idea to walk around with the burning herbs or sticks so that the smoke can reach all parts of the house.

You need to know that the abalone shells usually have some holes in them, which means that you should be careful to prevent any embers from falling through because they might cause fire when they reach something flammable like a carpet.

It is also important to know that when the burning sticks and herbs rest on the shell for a long time, they will make the shell hot and it might burn you. Be careful when you are handling the shell.


  1. Is abalone shell fire resistant?

Abalone shells have been in use for many years and have been helpful when it comes to smudging. If you are interested in smudging, we recommend that you keep an eye on the burning sage. Even though it might not be easily damaged, there are chances that it will be discolored.

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Final Thoughts

Even though smudging has been around for many years, it does not mean that there is no risk associated with it. To avoid any harm from coming your way, we recommend that you take some precautions. For instance, it would be a great idea to have a layer of sand in the shell to avoid damaging it. It would also be a good idea to choose a shell that is big enough for your burning sticks and herbs.

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